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Clear lens now available Australia-wide in Bunnings tool department!! Recommended Retail $24.95

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Australia's leading supplier of premium quality polycarbonate safety glasses and polarised sunglasses with free promotional straps.

The UV Wraps concept is simple - a quality pair of safety glasses or sunglasses at a reasonable price, and fitted with a personalised neoprene promotional strap.

By combining the two we have created a unique marketing tool that is ideal for any business. Sitting on the back of the wearers head right at eye level - an ideal spot for a brand, business name, or promotional message - the strap makes every pair become a Walking Billboard. And the custom one colour printing of the strap is included in the price

The customer still gets a reasonably priced pair of safety glasses or sunglasses with the bonus of a free strap that keeps the glasses hanging around the neck, ready for use, and protecting them from damage, and the advertiser gets to display their brand wherever the wearer goes.

What's more, in Australia outdoor workers are now able to claim up to $85.00 per year on eye-protection as a tax deduction.

It's win-win for everyone and our high quality imported sun and safety glasses, promotional neoprene straps and eye catching point of sale display stands have proven so popular that they are now available in over 1200 retail outlets throughout Australia and New Zealand.

UV Wraps are also ideal as a promotional product in their own right for product launches, trade shows, or general company branding exercises.

If you are providing your staff with sunglasses or safety glasses anyway, why not have them do some advertising for you as well. Kit them out with custom printed UV Wraps at no extra cost.

All of our our glasses are fully guaranteed against faulty workmanship, and comply with the sun protection and safety requirements set by Standards Australia and Standards New Zealand.

Our Other Brands

Fuglies is a sister brand to UV Wraps offering a range of AS/NZS1337 rated safety sunglasses, clear safety glasses, bifocal safety sunglasses and prescription safety glasses. Visit the web site at www.fuglies.com.au.

We also wholesale the PortaCone range of collapsible portable safety cones. An absolute must for all road users, the PortaCone collapsible safety cone offers affordable protection for roadside emergencies such as collisions, breakdowns and flat tyres and can be set up in a matter of seconds. Visit www.portacone.com.

Fuglies Safety GlassesPortacone Collapsible Safety Cones

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